Session – 1
Introduction to the VPDSF Implementation Workshop Series

Change the cost and complexity of VPDSF compliance into an opportunity.

You are invited to an introductory session to understand the aims and requirements of the VPDSF, how it advances information security, and deliver business value.

Introductory Session Topics

• Determine scope and set boundaries for your VPDSF project
• Prepare the business case for your VPDSF implementation, including project planning and resource requirements
• Conduct capabilities (gaps and improvements) analysis. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security program
• Compare VPDSF requirements with the ISO27001 standard for Information Security Management
• Address information security risks and opportunities using a pragmatic approach

Included Resources

Overview of the VPDSF and the ISO-27001 standard.
Sample implementation scope statement.
High-level project plan.
VPDSF Capabilities Assessment Dashboard (on-a-page).