Workshop – 5
VPDSS Controls and Elements – 1

Supporting the VPDSF are the 18 mandatory Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (VPDSS). The standards align your data protection activities with the best practices of a number of Australian and international standards and frameworks in information security, privacy and quality management. This session introduces the 18 standards and explains how they set direction for your risk treatment plans.

Providing extra guidance in selecting security controls for each standard are the 114 VPDSS Elements. We examine the elements and show you how they assist in ensuring that your SRPA and PDSP cover the full spectrum of information security risks your organisation faces.

Session Topics

Victorian Protective Data Security Standards, VPDSS Elements, information security control selection, ISO-27001, SRPA, PDSP.

Included Resources

VPDSS guide, VPDSS Elements guide, exercises in selecting treatment options.

Current workshop series is complete

Please see our new VPDSF Process Champion and VPDSF Lead Implementer courses for training opportunities.