Advancing your VPDSF in 2018

Advancing your VPDSF in 2018 800 450 K Shah

Taking Stock – is your VPDSF project on track?

As we cross into 2018, many state government agencies and their suppliers will be looking to the status of their VPDSF activities and what they need to do to get their implementations on track.

Where should we be by now?

By this stage your organisations should have conducted a number of research, interview and survey activities to construct your Information Assets Register. Your processes around Risk Analysis should be in full swing to …

What’s next in the pipeline?

Assuming that you have made good progress with your IAR and SRPA – remember, these are living and iterative documents – you should be using the outcomes of these documents to determine your risk treatment strategy and compile your PDSP. Risk treatment uses ….

Strategies for determining risk treatment options

… …. …. …. …

We’re not on track … how should we address this?

… … … … … talk with Vital Advisory to … … …