Vital Advisory

Your technology Governance, Risk Management and Cybersecurity Partner

Success depends on executing a winning strategy.

Many organisations struggle with the key areas of strategy development and execution. In order to attain strategic, project and operational goals, strategies need to be clearly defined and translated into execution.

These organisations align strategy, capabilities and investment priorities. They deliver the right capabilities at the right time and are more likely to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our services support organisations by assessing, designing, realigning and implementing capabilities that enable achievement of your goals and objectives.

Information and Cyber Security

We offer a wide range of information security services for all sizes and types of businesses. Our approach addresses diverse contractual and regulatory compliance obligations.  We achieve this by integrating ISO 27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework and COBIT, whilst using contemporary approaches such as ‘on-a-page / A3 thinking.’

Technology Risk Management

We can help your organisation develop an effective approach that focuses on both the opportunity and cost of risk. We have extensive experience in performing risk and control assessments, and can help you identify the most practical approach to managing end-to-end technology risks for your business rather than just cyber security risks.

Technology Assurance

Technology assurance capabilities are key enablers to achieve optimised value from your technology investment and spend. We achieve this by focusing on positive conformance assessment rather than negative compliance assessment. We also don’t walk away leaving you to manage the improvement cycle – we can help you track improvements from identification to operation, measurement and closure.

Practice Areas

Best practices simplified. Business value delivered.

01 Strategic Planning

04 Organisational Change Enablement

07 Technology Governance

02 Technology Risk Management

05 Business Architecture

04 Management System

03 Technology Assurance

06 Technology Management

09 Training and Awareness