VPDSF Services

VPDSF Implementation Services by Vital Advisory


1. VPDSF governance framework

We help you establish organisational context and document the VPDSF Manual to govern and manage compliance with the OVIC requirements.

2. Information Asset Register (IAR)

We hold workshops with your key stakeholders to identify and document the full range of information assets (both electronic and hardcopy) to be included in your IAR.

3. Risk Assessment - Build the SRPA

We help you define the processes for the VPDSF risk assessment and treatment; and document an effective SRPA with pragmatic actionable insights.

We can assist you with VPDSF implementation.

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Our experts help you look beyond basic VPDSF implementation to build a robust Information Security Management Program which addresses the full range of information risks facing your organisation.

VPDSF Implementation
Project based or Turn-key

Consulting Services

  • including:
  • + Capability Assessment
  • + IAR/BIL/SRPA/PDSP documentation
  • + VPDSF framework implemtnation
  • + End-to-end VPDSF Compliance
  • + VPDSF project management
  • + On-demand resource provision
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VPDSF Assurance
Governance, Audit or Assurnace

Advisory or Assurance

  • including:
  • + Project Milestone Review
  • + Implementation Advisory
  • + VPDSF Compliance Audit
  • + Independent Self-Attestation Assurance
  • + VPDSF Assurance-as-a-Service
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VPDSF Learning Solutions
Enable Organisational Change

Training / Awareness

  • including:
  • + VPDSF Generic Staff Awareness
  • + 3 to 5 days Implementation Workshops
  • + VPDSF Assurance Training Modules
  • + Awareness Campaigns and Posters
  • + Incident Response Simulation Workshops
  • + Leadership Briefings
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Change the complexity of VPDSF into opportunity